Fellowship of Christian Students

Fellowship of Christian Students

WellConnected has been doing research around the world to find the best local ministries and unique program models in next-generation ministry, based on expert recommendations. We found The Fellowship of Christian Students. Watch the video above to find out why!

The Story

The Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) began as a series of Christian Leadership Courses held with Christian students in Northern Nigeria in 1954. After two years of courses, the participants felt led by the Holy Spirit to establish a Christian student organization that would continue to evangelize and disciple students. FCS was subsequently chartered and began functioning as an independent organization in 1957 with an invitation to all students who confess the name of Christ to grow in their spiritual life and to strengthen their Christian witness in the community.

FCS is intentionally inter-denominational and includes work among children (Junior Fellowship of Christian Students) and in Southern Nigeria. We use a variety of media, including self-published magazines, workshops, and conferences in order to reach youth. We also advocate for foster placements for youth and work with local churches to meet different student needs.

Due to our longevity and consistent success, FCS is now a model ministry in Africa that frequently shares ideas and methods with newer organizations. FCS remains committed to the evangelization and discipleship of Nigerian youth for God’s glory.


We aim to reach non-Christian youth in the Nigerian public school systems. 


We use a variety of media, including self-published magazines, workshops, and conferences in order to reach youth.


Our goal is to have every student in Nigeria hear the Gospel and be integrated into local churches as a result. 


We work with Christian Churches of all denominations across Nigeria, allowing integration between new student believers and local churches, regardless of denomination. 

Questions & Answers

What is the ultimate vision and dream of your ministry?

Our ultimate goal is to promote the holistic transformation of the lives of children, students, and youth through evangelism, discipleship, leadership and family life development in Nigeria. 

How did you initially design and develop this program?

Our organization grew out of a call from the Holy Spirit at a conference to form a Christian student organization in Northern Nigeria. We began evangelizing and discipling students and eventually began to host leadership courses. We began with the intention of being independent from any existing organizations in order for Christians with differing affiliations to feel free to take part in the work. We continued this vision in our Bible-based activities, Bible studies, prayer meetings, and various speakers. 

How do you know it is working?

Many students formerly struggling with drug abuse have now turned away because of the lessons they have learned from the Bible. We have also seen many Muslims convert to Christianity since the start of our program.

How would you like to see it improve and grow?

We would like to move to the southern region of Nigeria and expand to more schools. Though many in the southern regions do not face the challenges of persecution like those in the north, we hope to teach the youth the importance of taking their faith seriously.

What recommendations would you have for someone doing a similar ministry? 

When God gives you a passion for a group of people, meet the needs that are there. God's inspiration and our listening enable us to expand the Kingdom for His glory.

Core Values

We believe in the power of the Gospel and its ability to change the hearts of the people in Northern Nigeria. 

We believe in the power of student leaders to change the lives of their peers by showing them the love of Jesus Christ. 

We believe in the power of literacy and media to be used for God's glory.

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