Scripture Union

Scripture Union

WellConnected has been doing research around the world to find the best local ministries and unique program models in next-generation ministry, based on expert recommendations. We found Scripture Union in Nigeria. Watch the video above to find out why!

The Story

Scripture Union Nigeria is an interdenominational Christian organization committed to reaching children and young people, nurturing them through Bible engagement to become committed Christians. Since beginning ministry in 1885, Scripture Union has impacted tens of thousands of Nigerian Christian children and youth, many of whom serve as pastors and leaders throughout the Nigerian church today.

Scripture Union operates with a simple premise: that children and youth will encounter Jesus and be transformed by His Spirit as they pray and read His Word. Subsequently, the organization develops and distributes devotionals, Bible studies, life skills manuals, and other materials that enable students to access the words and teachings of Scripture. Their active work throughout Nigeria and faithful presence for over a century continue to enable Scripture Union to see “children, youth, and adults nurtured to Christian maturity, following Jesus, and transforming Nigeria.”


We work with children and youth from all walks of life, striving to help them change their lives for the better through the application of Scripture.


We equip children to understand and apply Scripture truths through the use of Bible study tools, devotionals, instruction, and other resource materials.


A variety of printed resources, instructional methods and activities enable us to help teach children and youth about Scripture and how to effectively apply it to improve their lives.


We act upon the fact that Jesus is interdenominational. This truth gives us freedom and enables Scripture Union to positively affect lives without limitations.

Questions & Answers

What is the ultimate vision and dream of your ministry?

Our vision is to disciple children and young people. We partner with churches and schools and provide resource materials to help them learn to walk in the will of God. Ultimately, we seek to mobilize Christians to shape and build the future of our nation.

How did you initially design and develop this program?

Since 1885, Scripture Union has seen the potential of helping young people engage with God's Word. Over the years, our materials have given them the resources they need to grow spiritually. 

How do you know it is working?

We can look back over the years and see evidence of the impact Scripture Union has had on individuals' lives. They have become who they are today because of the resources available through our ministry.

How would you like to see it improve and grow?

We would like to reach out to even more children and youth and disciple them through church and school settings. We would like to provide the materials to help them grow and learn through practical and effective Bible study.

What recommendations would you have for someone doing a similar ministry? 

Our interdenominational approach has given us the freedom to reach as many children as possible and help them grow in their relationship with Christ.

Core Values

We are committed to providing practical resources to help children engage with the Bible.

We have an opportunity to help children and youth grow spiritually as they learn what it means to follow Jesus.

The long-term impact of our ministry shows what a powerful influence God's Word can have on generations of people.

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