What is WellConnected?

What is WellConnected?

Hi everyone. We’re WellConnected. It’s two words, joined together, signifying our core values (more on that below). Typically, when meeting someone for the first time, you start the conversation with a couple questions. So, we thought we would take a second and have that conversation with you, and in turn, let you get to know us better.

Who are you?

We are first and foremost a ministry. We’re an extension of a Christian organization, called OneHope, which is a partner and a friend of many other Christian organizations around the world reaching the next generation of children and youth for the church. We all exist together, with and for the Global Church.

Secondly, we’re a digital content provider. We believe in the power of good ideas to inform, inspire, educate, and mobilize. Getting high-quality ideas into the hands of the people that need them most is a worthy strategy, and we want to build that kind of a bridge. We’re here to give you great content.

What does your name mean?

A “well” is a universal metaphor that is easy to understand. It is a place of nourishment, a place of gathering, and a place of sharing ideas among a community.

It also speaks to “doing something well,” part of our belief that pursuing effectiveness is part of how we exercise our calling to be good stewards.

Finally, we are here to connect — to connect you to ideas, to resources, and to each other. Increased connections mean lower barriers to good ministry.

What do you care about?

There are really three pillars to our vision:

  1. We care about helping the Church become healthier and stronger. We want every local church and non-profit grow its operational capacity. We want increasingly capable churches, leaders, programs, strategies, and organizations. The world is changing incredibly quickly, and if the Church is going to be the hope of the world, it needs to be as strong (and agile) as it can possibly be. We want to foster a learning community.
  2. We care about the next generation. The future will be a different place than the present, and we believe that there is no more strategic place for the Church to focus than on reaching children and youth. Between 2010 to 2030, there will be 4.2 billion people that pass through the 4–18 age window. In 2012, half of every human alive was under 25. Societies around the world are undergoing rapid change at the hands of newly empowered young people. This demographic matters.
  3. We care about the Gospel. The good news of Jesus is for everyone, and that story intersects with all of the other stories we learn about ourselves and the world. Whether in the United States, Brazil, India, China, or elsewhere, we believe the story of God saving his people, as told in his Word, is the most important story ever told, and we are all invited to creatively participate in it. Finding ways to invite people into the story in terms that resonate with them is an imperative.

We want the global Church to be healthy, to develop the next generation, and to creatively and compellingly invite people into the good news of Jesus, and we are here to help.

What do you do?

  1. Research — Our first task is research. We are constantly assessing different countries, ministries, programs, and people around the world, to fill in the big picture on who is doing what, and why it matters. Research is a common window into reality, and it is how we make sure that we have something fresh for our community of readers. You will see lots of research on this blog.
  2. Curation — There is an endless amount of great information out there on how to be effective, innovative, and creative, whether in a ministry context, a non-profit context, or even a business context. We curate content that we think matters most for a global ministry audience, and we think you’ll come to trust us.
  3. Popularizing — Good ideas don’t matter unless they get to the people that need them. We aim to aggressively popularize the best models and paradigms and practices in ministry, in bite-sized pieces, so that we can all learn together.

Why does it matter?

The global church lives in an age where we can all talk to each other and learn from each other on equal terms — and we don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Our hope is that anyone, whether leading a church in a city or a small group under a tree, would be able to grow an effective ministry program that is effective in their context without having to start from scratch.

Stick around and join the conversation! If you’d like to talk to us, you can write us at editor@wellconnected.is